Advanced Surgical Technologies
Our Advanced Surgical Technologies Division has a focus on solutions for interventional chronic pain and minimally invasive spinal surgery.
The latest technologies are being introduced to treat chronic pain patients. We provide training and the necessary equipment to
perform minimally invasive spinal surgery as an outpatient.
Barrier Technologies is a radiation protection solutions company that develops innovative products that protect people from the harmful effects of scatter radiation. As a leading manufacturer of radiation protection products, they provide novel solutions for the Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Nuclear, and Defense industries.
Clarus Medical is a world leader in endoscopic minimally-invasive products for the treatment of spinal pain. The Nucleotome sets the standard in safety and efficacy in percutaneous discectomy with well over 200,000 uses. The LASE procedure offers a unique combination of irrigation, deflection and visualization, along with the ability to use laser and conventional instruments to perform a decompression. Clarus also offer endoscopically and fluroscopically-guided catheters for pain management.
Cosman Medical represents over 50 years of pioneering and leadership in RF generator and electrode technology, and now offers the most modern, reliable, and functional equipment ever built. The Cosmans have invented hundreds of RF electrode systems for specific applications in the treatment of neurological diseases, pain, and cancer which revolutionized the minimally-invasive approach to these problems.
joimax is the leading developer and provider of complete systems for minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery. joimax dedicates itself to combined-surgical technologies ("joined minimal access technologies"). The TESSYS Endoscopic disc surgery uses the transforaminal approach. It is minimally invasive and maximally gentle.