Cardiovascular/Interventional Radiology
Our Cardiovascular/Interventional Radiology Division has a focus in Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology.
A&E Medical Corporation manufactures atrial and ventricular MYO/wires for temporary cardiac pacing. They also manufacture a complete line of monofilament, 316L stainless steel sutures perfectly suited for sternotomy closure. Their especially flexible and pliable suture wire offers many advantages over other stainless steel sutures. A&E's unique DoubleWire, a high strength sternal closure system, utilizes this flexible pliable suture wire. A&E also has a rotating aortic punch designed to cut a clean round hole.


The first cold dry, sterile single-use device that may be placed directly on the surgical site in the operating room. The device will maintain a constant temperature between 41°F and 56°F for up to 3 hours, providing a reduction in edema, inflammation, hematoma and patient pain.
Barrier Technologies is a radiation protection solutions company that develops innovative products that protect people from the harmful effects of scatter radiation. As a leading manufacturer of radiation protection products, they provide novel solutions for the Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Nuclear, and Defense industries.

BioStable Science & Engineering

BioStable Science & Engineering is a cardiovascular device company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary valve repair technologies that provide an alternative to valve replacement for patients with aortic valve disease.

LifeNet Health Bio Implants Division

LifeNet Health is a leader in organ and tissue transplantation saving lives and restoring health is their mission. LifeNet Health provides cryopreserved bio-implants for cardiac and vascular procedures.
Since 2000, Medax specializes worldwide in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced minimally invasive surgical products in the field of Biopsy. Nowadays, Medax offers a broad line of products, being able to built a complete portfolio which comprehend biopsy and special needles for Radiology and Interventional Radiology as well as Oncology and Haematology needles, all available in a wide range of gauge sizes and lengths so to meet the clinical requirements of most subcutaneous procedures.
UreSil is a leading global provider of innovative devices for the specialized field of interventional radiology. They manufacture an extensive line of drainage and specialty catheters. UreSil also manufactures three primary products for the surgical area: the Tru-Incise® valvulotome designed for safe and effective saphenous vein bypass; the Tru-Close® thoracic vent designed for the removal of air from the chest post-surgically; and the TCS300D suction wound drainage system. Their products are manufactured in the United States and distributed worldwide through a network of domestic and international distributor.